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Task NI Limited is Ireland’s leading independent Fit Testing Specialists. Our well-respected reputation has been built upon a service which is professional, efficient and reliable. With an almost 100% client return and high customer-referral rates we are regarded as the experts in ‘Fit Testing’ and are now conducting tests on behalf of a number of proprietary respiratory brands as they develop new and innovative products.

Why Do We Need It

No RPE can provide optimum performance if it leaks, and one of the main sources of leakage is a poor fitting mask to the face of the wearer. As a result of both field and laboratory studies into respirator performance, regulations (such as the Control of Asbestos Regulations) and general HSE guidance on the use of RPE (HSG 53, supporting the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations) require that fit testing is included as an integral part of an RPE program for mask-based devices.


The employer must have documented evidence of the characteristics of the RPE to be used (CAR reg.7(4)(d)). Similar requirements are described in COSHH reg.6(4)(b), and CLAW reg.5(4)(b). These requirements are there to ensure that the RPE provided is suitable. The evidence to support the suitability will include fit test reports for face pieces with tight-fitting face seals.


Fit test reports should be available for all employees who wear RPE incorporating tight-fitting face pieces. Fit test records should be retained by the employer. These records must be kept available for inspection on request. (HSE Operational Circular OC282/28 Version 6 30/04/2012)

A wealth of experience in practical Fit Testing combined with expert technical knowledge of both qualitative and quantitative testing allows our Respiratory Specialists to provide this very important service.

Task NI Limited continues to work very closely with the Health & Safety Executive NI to keep employees safe at work and companies compliant with the law. We are very proud to have become the first independent ‘Fit2Fit’ accredited Fit Test Providers in our business.

Why not talk to us and we can provide a bespoke ‘Fit Test’ programme that fits with your business schedules and requirements.

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